Miwlaukee, WI

Victory Elementary

Rules of Kindness

1. Be honest!
2. Always wear a smile!
3. Think of others and their feeling.
4. Treat others the same way you would like them to treat you!
5. Kindness costs nothing to share but is worth millions!

Kindness Action Plan

The Kindness Movement at Victory started three years ago with an amazing group of students. I was lucky to have in my third grade classroom. (Lucky for me that I had many of them last year again in fifth grade as the work they started in third grade has grown to the capacity of a MOVEMENT at Victory. This group of students and I planted small seeds in the start and grew it to a capacity where there is a flow of acts of kindness non-stop at Victory. Students want to be caught doing good and kind acts. At Victory there is: *a kindness pledge *kindness symbol (K=) *kindness klaps *KINDNESS KREW *Kindness poster contest (held yearly the first three weeks of school) *Kindness Alley ( a hallway in the school) *DAILY Kindness announcements (the pledge is always said at the end as an entire school) * Kindness smiles passed out reminding others to pass kindness on. *Kindness neighborhood walks (putting kindness posters in neighbors mailboxes) *Kindness letters sent monthly to the many police districts/sherriff stations in Milwaukee *Kindness playground bench **Proclamation from the Milwaukee Mayor that May 15th every year is Kindness Day in the city of Milwaukee This year the students in my room came up the idea for the kindness symbol that is listed above. They have a few other ideas that we are in the processing of talking about how to make them happen. All of the work above has taken three years, lots of creativity, and the cherry on top last year was the proclamation from the Mayor...all the work is done my the Kindness Krew members...many from my original group who still three years later stand tall and proud in the Kindness! I am lucky to work with a staff that is willing to participate in any/all ideas that support kindness. HUGE shift in attitude came when we dropped the BULLY Movement and turned it to a KINDNESS MOVEMENT. Positive words bring positive change! YES I have become known as the kindness teacher at Victory but it is a title I wear happily for the students have taught me through all of this how to be kinder to myself. For this I thank them everyday. As for the school I am so fortunate to be at: Victory K-8 and Milwaukee Italian Immersion School all of the incredible kind happenings would not take place if it were not for the amazing Principal Janine Graber who supports all great things/activities that promote student achievement and bettering. The staff is superior and hardworking, the students are diverse and accepting of differences. The students body is extremely mixed with 32 countries represented. AMAZING!!!! Kindness is not something will come and go at Victory and the community we are located it. KINDNESS is all everyone knows and believes in at Victory!