Los Angeles, CA

Boyle Heights Arts Conservatory and Cathedral HS

Rules of Kindness

1. Say Hello (seriously to as many people as you can)
2. Wish Someone a Good Morning
3. Greet your Teachers Daily
4. Hold a Door Open for Someone
5. Sit at a Lunch Table with Someone Eating Alone

Kindness Action Plan

We started the exercise by having everyone take out their phone and look at it without sharing any eye contact or conversations with those around us (see photo enclosed). Then we would ask everyone to put down their phones and say hello by making eye contact and smiling. The adult moderator had us gauge how it felt to have someone smile and say hello It was such a simple exercise, but helped us clearly identify how good if feels to say hello and acknowledge those around us. We have agreed to put the other acts of kindness, greeting our teachers by name before each class., Holding doors, sitting with someone at lunch, in place and discuss at an upcoming volunteer day what impact these small acts had on us, and on those we shared them with.