Palm Bay, FL

Gail's House Incorporated

Rules of Kindness

1. Have Tolerance!
2. Have Empathy!
3. Have Acceptance!
4. Be You-nique!
5. Commit Random Acts of Kindness!

Kindness Action Plan

Gail's House Incorporated began with TOLERANCE. Each child wrote/created a project that illustrated their experiences with TOLERANCE. My favorite is of the teen who had to come to terms with her new blended family. Before we could launch into EMPATHY, Hurricane Matthew blew through our area. As an example of EMPATHY, the teens and youth assisted in distributing comfort packages to small children who accompanied their parents to distribution centers to collect water, nonperishable food, etc. We gave them Book n' Book Buddies (stuffed animals) and first aid kits geared toward children. Regarding ACCEPTANCE, we bought pizza and had an open discussion about the Pulse night club incident--which is still virtually a daily topic around here, because of our proximity to the incident. Then they expressed their creativity regarding what makes them so unique. We also used the ACCEPTANCE and YOU-NIQUENESS topics to highlight the anti-bullying campaign! Finally, we encouraged the teens and the youth--and everyone else--to go out into the world and to commit random acts of kindness everyday!