Sutton, MA

Blackstone Valley Regional Vocational Technical High School

Rules of Kindness

Be aware of the needs of others.
Do one kind act a day.
Help each other and the community.
Be respectful.

Kindness Action Plan

I organized a Senior Fellowship Dinner at the Sutton (MA) Senior Center for a group of students, called SkillsUSA Chapter, at my school to assist me with. We served a free dinner to 70 seniors and provide them the entertainment of having young, high school students to talk to for the night. This took care of two problems - hunger, and senior-loneliness. Many people suffer from hunger, especially senior citizens, and giving them a free meal of pasta, meatballs, bread, salad and dessert fought back at the hunger epidemic. Also, many seniors in my local community are very lonely from losing spouses and from having little-to-no family living locally. The seniors got to socialize with each other AND us, the high school sophomores and juniors.