Building_Bridges.png Building Bridges

Bring diverse groups of youth together to create care packages for people in need in your community.

Collective_Thinking.png Collective Thinking

Create a wall of kindness where youth can write/reflect on what kindness means to them/their community.

Community_Mural.png Community Mural

Create a mural that reflects your community's vision of peace and kindness!

Concerned_Citizen.png Kind and Concerned Citizen

Identify community needs and use policy and advocacy as a way to address those needs/solve local problems.

Bully_Summit.png No Bully Peace Summit

Involve students in reducing bullying on campus, and promoting peace.

Photojournalism.png) Photojournalism for Kindness

Become a photojournalist for a day by capturing photos or video of yourself or others engaged in spreading peace and kindness.

Big_Impact.png Small Acts Big Impact

Complete daily journaling activities and acts of kindness to reflect on the good things in life and spread happiness.

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